Happenings Around The World

A single year contains 365 and ¼ days. Every year there are a lot of happenings all over the world from events (festivals, and Christmas celebration), holidays (Independence Day, National Heroes Day), celebration (Spending the time with the family on a birthday celebration, singing a happy birthday song and thinking of happy birthday wishes), disasters (floods, earthquakes), and tragedies (Accidents and Emergencies).

Each day an average person would get up in the morning and go to work for the rest of the day. Seems pretty boring right? Imagine if you put yourself in the position of a soldier whose in the frontlines engaging enemies that poses a threat amongst your nation in which as patriotic as you are, you’d do anything to protect your homeland and stay alive as much as possible, better be thankful to be working in an office rather than being in a battlefield trying to keep yourself alive. Half way around the world, there are people celebrating, all laughing and just enjoying the festivities that was given upon them.

Everywhere in the world people are laughing, checking their www.gmail.com accounts, enjoying the night, having dinner dates, seeing a movie, busy with their jobs, providing the needs of patients in a hospital, patrolling the city streets and many more in which all of these kinds of activities and events are being made simultaneously.

It’s hard to tell what others are up to not until you ask them or go directly to the place they’re dwelling. Different people with different culture, each and every one of us is unique in terms of belief which would reflect on the things that we do on a daily basis. Some would go to church, others would work, either way, all around the world people are doing something in order to make change, changes that could make their life worse or make it better.

Will Another Company Ever Come Up to Take Googles Place on the Internet

Some people may dissent, but the truth of the matter is that Google is more or less the ‘center of the Internet.’ There are very few Internet users who never make use of Google’s services. When we talk of Google’s services, we are not just talking about its phenomenally popular search engine. Google also offers Internet-based advertising services (its main revenue earner), content (through Google books), global maps, blogging platform services… and so much more. Indeed, most of the content on the Internet today is available thanks to Google, as it is the company which offers to pay the people who create such content, if they allow it to place ads on the sites where they present the content. Needless to say, without this monetary motivation, few people would have the inclination to create content ‘just for the sake of it.’

The question before us is as to whether another company will ever come up to take Google’s place on the Internet. And the answer is that it would take a very major paradigm shift for another company to usurp Google’s overall leadership role on the net. True, Google does have competitors (like, with respect to email, where its gmail.com service is actually third, after Hotmail and Yahoo Mail). But in overall terms, earning people’s trust and usurping Google’s Internet leadership role becomes quite a task for any new player.